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Your first step to an amazing wedding starts here

When we meet up to plan your ceremony, there are a number of options and ceremony styles that I can offer to help you build the perfect ceremony specifically for you, but to make it a bit easier I have broken it down into 4 standard options, all of which can be built upon and personalised to suit your requirements.


Each option has a different fee structure, so you can plan your marriage based on the ceremony you like or on your budget.

Option 1  

‘Kiss & Run’ or Registry ceremony


This version is for the people who want a ‘Registry Style’ ceremony with the minimum of wording.


Priced from $450.00 this ceremony includes a 'legal' script with a bit of personalised if requested and includes the signing. I will also look after the preparation of your NOIM and lodgement of your legal documents etc.  


Ideal also for people planning to marry overseas and would like a legal Australian marriage before or after, or for couples who are looking for a legal ceremony with their two (2) witnesses.


This ceremony is carried out in my home office any day of the week and any time between 6am - 10pm.


Option 2

The ‘Elopement’ ceremony   

A special low key, get-a-way ceremony

This is a brief personalised ceremony designed for the couple who wants to share their 'elopement' with a few close friends or family (from 2 - 8 guests) and is like a more personalised 'Registry' ceremony 


Not everyone wants to have a big wedding ceremony and the 'Elopement' option gives you the opportunity to say your 'I do's' in a special place of your choice surrounded by your special friends.

These ceremonies are becoming very popular with overseas couples combining a marriage ceremony and a holiday in Australia.


The ceremony includes the preparation of the NOIM , the signing and lodgement of your legal documents.

Priced at $520.00, the affordable 'Elopement' ceremony can be held at any location within the Perth metro area* and at any time between 6am - 10pm.


Option 3

‘Unplugged’ ceremony

A laid back, stylish ceremony


This version is for the people who want a more relaxed ceremony. Recommended for wedding with up to 20 guests and includes a custom written ‘personal ceremony’ 

Ideal also for people who have been married overseas and would like a legal Australian marriage with their friends & relatives who couldn’t attend or for couples who just want a sweet little, laid back ceremony.  


Also great for someone looking for a nice simple ceremony in a park, beach or a favourite place of their choice* between 6am - 10pm


The Elopement ceremony costs from $620.00 and usually runs for around 10mins and includes the preparation of the NOIM and all legal documents, signing and lodgement of documents on your behalf.




Option 4

The ‘Totally personalised' ceremony

The most popular ceremony.  

Fun, relaxed & maybe a couple of tears

This most popular ceremony can be held at most indoor/outdoor locations and is recommended for any size wedding.  This option costs from $780.00 and includes a ‘personally' written ceremony and assistance with the writing of your personal vows and one-on-one assistance leading up to your ceremony.


The Modern ceremony usually runs for around 20-30mins and includes the signing and lodgment legal documents etc.  


Also at no additional cost is the use of a ‘high quality’ professional PA system and your personal selection of music during the ceremony.  You also have the option of a 'pre-wedding' rehearsal with your wedding party at no additional cost (except travel if applicable).  

The Modern ceremony is conducted in the venue of your choice within the Perth metropolitan area* between the hours of 6am - 10pm.


You'll also have the option of including any of the following at no additional cost.

  • Other 'Cultural' ceremony options  - please discuss any other ceremonies that you may prefer

  • Unity candle ceremony  - couple to provide candles

  • Sand ceremony  - couple to provide coloured sands and vessels

  • Hand fastening  - couple to provide ribbons/sash

  • Wine ceremony  - couple to provide wine & glasses


Other options


Remember that this is your big day and while I have outlines a few options above, the form of your ceremony it is entirely up to you. I am very happy to work through any ideas you have, but it’s important to keep in mind that some option may incur additional costs for travel, accommodation or extras.  

All of the fees and charges include the following;


  1. All options include any meetings/contact from the date of acceptance of me as your Marriage Celebrant until the completion of the marriage ceremony 

  2. Option 4 includes a draft of the marriage ceremony based on our initial discussions 

  3. All options include the completion of all legal paperwork as required of a celebrant by the Attorney General’s Department

  4. Option 2, 3 & 4 includes attendance by the celebrant within *30kms of Perth CBD 

  5. Option 4 includes the use of a professional PA system if required at the marriage ceremony 

  6. Option 4 includes a selection of background music throughout the ceremony provided either by the celebrant or the bride & groom 

  7. All options include the presentation of a completed Certified Australian Marriage Certificate upon completion of the ceremony

  8. All options include the lodgement of any legal paperwork as required by the Attorney Generals Department


Extras or Fully customised ceremonies

For ceremonies outside the Perth CBD, or in the event that the Bride & Groom request anything that may fall outside the options outlined above, additional free may apply.  Please discuss this at your first meeting to avoid any disappointment.

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